What We Believe

We are a partnership of strategy, brand, experience design, content, technology, marketing and product operation leaders, who enable organizations like yours to make progress through collaboration and the incubation of new ideas. We started Catalyst because we believe in the power of well designed products and services. We gain enormous satisfaction by helping you succeed, becoming an extension of your own organization, and enabling innovation and transformation. We offer an end-to-end capability to prove out—and successfully launch—new ideas.


There is no universal answer in product and service design; there is only a hypothesis to be tested, learnings to capture, and the subsequent evolution of a new hypothesis. We know that greatness in product and service experiences comes from the doing, and so our mantra is always Research, Create, Test, Measure, Learn.

Making Things

We’ve grown up using and making things that demand attention, and we see a future where great products and services enable us to be even more human and present. A future where an empowering technology recedes behind the surface of a simple and delightful experience. Our parent organization, Catalyst Innovation Group, enables us to spin off teams focused on identifying and developing products and services where we see a need. Stay tuned; we’re putting our skills to work on some interesting new things!

A Better Result

We started Catalyst because we believe there is a better way to partner with companies like yours. That an agency should be a meritocracy, encouraging and empowering our team to create more successful products and experiences. That we should support transparency, integrity, accountability, and sustainable growth. And that the collaborative process enriches hypothesis-driven design. These are the things that make a real impact on our process, and help spur innovation across all of your touchpoints.