Wes Joins Lytro to Fuel the Revolution in Photography

Posted by on Apr 22, 2014 in announcements
Wes Joins Lytro to Fuel the Revolution in Photography

Today is full of announcements for Catalyst and Lytro, Inc., a company founded in 2006 by Ren Ng to manufacture plenoptic cameras for consumer use.

First Lytro has announced its second-generation camera, the Illum, an under-$1600 prosumer camera resembling a traditional DSLR. The initial reviews have been great.

Second, we can report that Wes Yun (our Chief Design Catalyst), is joining Lytro as their Design Director. He’ll be helping them fuel the revolution in photography that the Lytro light-field cameras are making possible. It’s a great match of a revolutionary technology with a great design mind. Wes has always had a deep passion for both photography and experience design, which will serve him well there.

Wes will remain an advisor and supporter of ours, as Chief Design Catalyst Emeritus. We look forward to being able to see him as much as possible, and continuing our dialogue.

Take a look at the new Illum. Its pretty AND amazing.