Verizon / AOL

Catalyst developed a high-quality multi-site experience strategy to promote content, leverage social media, SEO, and AOL’s broad content offering.

Kitchen Daily site

Kitchen Daily Site

AOL Autos Site

AOL Autos Site


AOL, now owned by Verizon

  • Ethnographic research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content strategy
  • Design strategy
  • Web app prototyping
Years Engaged



AOL was seeking to create superb, forward-thinking experiences for three top media properties driven by user data, prioritized product goals, and outstanding design thinking. Project goals included creating common tools and features to be utilized across sites, increasing access to relevant content, and increasing time spent on site by integrating tools with content. The project's aim was also to create broader cross-AOL content and consumer applications to support that reach.

Key Activities

Catalyst started with competitive and comparative landscape research, followed by a current state discovery. Conducting ethnographic research, we defined audiences and needs for multiple sites and content types, and these insights drove our ideation and concept creation.


Ultimately the project developed a multi-site and platform strategy that leveraged existing AOL assets and supported further content atomization. Catalyst presented this holistic solution to AOL’s new CTO Paul Berry, and the strategy and the design concepts were presented to AOL’s executive board. After this first engagement with AOL, Catalyst completed a brand strategy and identity mark project for AIM prior to Verizon’s acquisition.

"From their very first day, Catalyst brought a professional, collaborative, and passionate perspective to our project. Too many agencies claim to be consumer-centric only to either force-fit the engagement into their patented innovation framework or ultimately kowtow to whichever internal executive screams the loudest. Catalyst took the time to really understand our needs, to not only guide the deliverables but also to develop an appropriate design process. It was such a pleasure working with them and I’m already on the lookout for my next opportunity to partner with Catalyst on a project."
Matte Scheinker
VP Consumer Experience